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I recently setup a wireless network using Linksys hardware.  These machines require a network drive for a software package.  The network is not visible until the  Linksys "configuration" utility is runnning.  The problem is Windows attempts to "reconnect" mapped drives before this utility is run.  Is it possible to have this utility run before Windows attempts to connect network drives?  If not, what dictates the run sequence of programs launched at startup?  I could write a batch file to reconnect them as long as I could make it run after the "configuration" utility.


David Graff
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If the configuration utility is an executable, I would...

start>run>msconfig>startup and locate the executable

then disable it from startup (uncheck it). next create your batch file and put the path to the configuration utility at the beginning of the script then map your drives at the end. Finally put your batch file in the startup.

sound like it will work?

The LinkSys wireless devices I've setup haven't required anything other than the driver for the network card to load first.  Is it a dos based program, if so you could slap it in the autoexec.bat.  
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