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I want to share file was my Mac os 8.6 and a windows 2000 server. I have install the Apple Talk protocal and the File sharing for Mac. My problems is that when I try to copy a file from my Mac to the share on the 2000 server, I get a permission error. "You cannot copy "filename" onto the folder "AppleShare Folder", because the disk is locked. However, I can easily copy files from the 2000 server to the share folder.

Have any idea.
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Youve got two things going on. 8.6 was notoriously bad at dealing with windows shares, and Win2k (early service packs) was notoriously bad at sharing files to Macs. Between those two factors, good luck. More recent OS versions on both sides have dealt with the problems and its much smoother.

You might want to consider FTP'ing them to the 2000 server. Not nearly as elegant, but should work. Not sure if you want to open that service on the Win2k server. A client such as cuteFTP on the Mac would allow you to transfer the files.

The windows 2000 Microsoft UAM volume that is created when you install File Services for MAC's is automatically registered as a read only share.  You must right click on my computer click manage click shared fplders select microsoft UAM volume right click to properties and uncheck read-only and/or change the permissions.

You can also right click in this area to create new MAC volumes to share as well

Should fix you up
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I don't know about DeadMan but the comment from bhssgk helped me.  Thanks.
Let me give bgssgk solution a try
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