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I have a server that runs iPlanet Webserver 4.1 and some more propriety applications in Vignette and Autonomy. I have been told that I need to increase the maxuprc parameter in /etc/system and expand swap space.

I'm not sure how to expand swap space in on running live system, and I'm not sure what to set maxuprc to (running as default of 5 at the moment.)

The server spawn around 11 iPlanet processes, 12 Vignette and around the same number of Autonomy processes.
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What the error-message ? (out of processes)

Doesnt seems that many processes, you can see the max
with sysdef.
You dont change maxpru, you control it with the
"maxusers" parameter. ( 1 - 4096 )

More swap canm
 be created "on the fly".
If you have a spare partition, add it to the
/etc/vfstab file and the to make it work
swap -a /dev/rdsk/cXtXdXsX    and it will be added directly.

If you dont have a spare partition you can create a file
in a filesystem if you have the space available.

Create the swap-file
mkfile 200m /export/swapfile
swap -a /export/swapfile

put it in /etc/vfstab if you want it to be permanent



Thanks Besky... seems great in test, no I just need to implement it live and find some time to reboot my system.. :o)

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