Tweak UI messing up windows 98?

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I haven't had this problem until recently.  I have tweak UI installed for a few months now, but recently my win98 is acting up.  If I try to go into control panel from the start menu, my windows taskbar becomes frozen.  So I can't access anything from the start taskbar unless I reboot the computer.

Now, I tried uninstalling TweakUI, but after I remove it, the program is still there in the control panel.  

I've put the TweakUI onto factory settings, but the computer still gets messed up.  Any ideas?
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this is usually the result of a corrupt cpl file
search your hard drive for *.cpl
delete them to the recycle bin, and then restore them one at a time, until the control panel locks again, then you have the bad one. you can then extract the bad cpl file from the cab files on the cd to replace it
let us know which one, and we can tell you how to replace it
How did you uninstall TweakUI ? Did you just delete the ini and cpl like most people, or did you use add/remove?  

Anyways. If you havent already try reinstalling tweakui, set to factory default again. if that doesnt fix it, uninstall, then run "SFC" to check for corrupted CPL or registry entries. System File Checker, will automaticall search and prompt you for the win98 cd, and will prompt you for each file found to be corrupted or missing.  This should fix your problem

also, if you chose to show any icons on the desktop, try undoing that too. For example, my whole desktop dissapears as well as my taskbar, context menu, and cad window, when i check Compressed Folders and show it on the desktop, its like it causes explorer.exe to crash with no error.  So undo any other changes you've made recently...
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At first, I did the Add/Remove and after reboot the tweakui was still there.  So I re-installed it, rebooted, then uninstalled it.

So now its gone. However, I think somehow along the process I might have gotten rid of my active desktop features.  It's not really a big deal, but I liked to use it to navigate between windows and such.

How can I get that back?

simply set the desktop to show a jpg, view as webpage, view web items on desktop, or something like that. it should prompt you to enable active desktop
first problem first:

which version of windows ru using? win 98 first edition or second. this problem has been found in some versions of the win98 fe.

try doing the following:

1) go to the system folder of your windows folder (eg. windows\system or win98\system). then try to find the tweak UI .cpl file. delete the file. (note u must do this by booting the computer in dos mode) then remove the tweak UI .inf file as well. reboot the computer. the tweak UI icon should not be there anymore on ur control panel window.

2) i agree with xmetrix on enabling active desktop or u can choose 'enable active desktop' by right clicking anywhere on the desktop and choose properties from the context menu select the wallpaper option. put a check on the box that says about enabling the active desktop.

Good luck!!!


I have windows 98 SE.

The tweak UI is gone, so thats good.

About the active desktop feature.

I right click the desktop, and go to customize my desktop.  Then the web tab shows up, and I click the Folder Options button.  

A pop up box shows up, and I click next.  On the next screen, there are three options: web style, classic style, and custom style.  The first option and last option are not highlighted.  I am stuck to only classic style.

I have no idea how it got this way, so do I need to download an update or something to fix this particular problem? Thanks.


Well, I did get rid of the tweak ui, and thats what this question was about in the first place.


It lead me in the right direction, so thanks.

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