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Hello everyone.

I have a Packard Bell Legend 822CDT that im trying to fix for a friend of mine. Im a little new to the inside of the computer but i still can hold my own. Well the problem is that everytime i start it i have to wait for a few minutes then it says something like

<F1> to resume or <F7> Setup

Something along those lines. I have no idea what to do in the setup. lol. Im taking everything is hooked up correctly. I press F1 and then it tell me the hard drive has no operating system on it. Now i need to know what to do. I have an OS, this Restore & Recovery floppy that came with the comp. and a master cd with a whole bunch of programs on it that also came with the computer. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Try booting from the floppy and running the Restore & Revoery program. If that doesn't work, then go into the BIOS and see if you can set it to boot from CD, most modern computers should have this option. Then see if it will boot the master CD, it's possible this might start some kind of recovery program. If that doesn't work, try booting the OS CD. If it's Win98 or later, the CD is usually bootable. This should take you into the installation of the OS.

If all else fails, you need to get a boot disk from and boot your computer from it. If your CD drive is a standard ATAPI CD drive, you can download a generic ATAPI driver from the Internet and load DOS drivers for your CD drive on your boot floppy. This should give you access to your CD drive from DOS when you boot from the floppy, and then you can put your OS CD into the drive and install your OS from there.

Hope this helps.

if possible, i would go into the bios (setup) and see if it has detected the hard disk, the primary slave. If not, then you may have an unplugged IDE (hard drive) cable, which you could check on the inside of the box.

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