controlling program windows under ms windows

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I have to write a program which launches and interacts with an external (non java ms windows)program. I know how to launch the program (using the Process class etc.) but what I want to be able to do is either execute the program so it's program window is set to start at the top left of the screen, or to find a method which can return where the window is on the screen.

Any help would be appreciated
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You could only do this by using a Windows flavour of Java such as J++ or you'd have to use JNI.
Mick BarryJava Developer
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Or if the program had some command line options allowing you to specify what you require.
I'd also recommend writing a DLL and using it via JNI. The MFC or Win32 calls shouldn't be too complicated if positioning is all you need.
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I eventually managed to get this working by writing a DLL with MS VisualC++. The calls were (as SaschaHerrmann said) not particularly difficult and easy to import into Java with the JNI. Cheers for pointing me in the right direction

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