Difference between NVT & IDS

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I assume this is a real easy "no-brainer".
I don't like making too many assumptions or glossing over what may be important, so I be wary of over-simplifying this. As I answer on my own in next comment.
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IDS - Intrusion Detection System = Watching passively
NVT - Network Vulnerability Testing = Participating actively.

My simplification based on anticipation of additional traffic or load, where one of them does not, and the other one must.

Too simple?
an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is a independent security system that can actively and/or passively monitor/take action against 'hackers' and create extremely detailed logs on how an 'hacker' attempted or successfully breached security.

NVT (Network Vulnerability Test) is basically a security audit of a selected network or specific host.

so basically the difference between the two is:
an IDS does its own thing and is mainly used for defense, whereas NVT is a method of discovering vulnerabilities in networks and must be done manually.


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What can I say? After about a month, you appear to be winner by default. But not undeservedly.

Thank you.

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