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I'm trying to correct some problems within a NT4 network......we are using WIN2K desktops but the Domain itself hasn't been converted to WIN2K...I'm a little weak on Policies and have been given the task to become familiar with them quickly...One problem I'm having is the setting within IE (Bypass Proxy Server for local addresses)use to work when we had NT4..now we have to keep telling the users to manually check it..I don't even know where to begin to look for this...HOW do I push the policies down to the WIN2k desktops from the NT Servers? Does someone know of a straight forward location to get info on something like this?? Help..I'm giving 200 points because I'm feeling lost and I need answer and to get up to speed quick.
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The browsers proxy settings are maintained in the following key : Hkey_current_user>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>InternetSettings>ProxyOverride

A present ProxyOverride key = bypass proxy server for local addresses

Given your environment you could create a registry key that holds the settings.  Then associate a batch file to the users profiles that culls these registry key with a silent switch, so that it is transparent to the user.

@echo off
regedit /s yourmodified.reg

You could run this till your ready to created a mixed environment and introduce Active Directory at which time you could control the settings via the user configuration of a GPO.  User Configuration>WindowsSettings>Internet Explorer Maintenance>Connection>Proxy Settings

Like M$ would best put it :  Messing with the registry is dangerous. Don't try any of these suggestions unless you're comfortable with the registry and you qualify as a power user. Before you begin, you can use regedit.exe to export a key as a backup measure. The exported file carries the .reg extension. Importing the file back into the registry is a quick way to repair the damage if your manipulation of the key causes problems. (Even if you prefer to work with regedt32, you should open regedit first and export the key you're going to tweak. Regedit's export and import features are easier to use than regedt32's equivalent backup procedures.)

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