Good way of Interacting with MS Access from a web page

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Can anyone suggest a good method to Add/Edit/Delete MS Access information from a MS Acess DB on a web page.  
links , ??? or code examples .. appreciated...

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you have a host of possibilities ... do you want performance, low or no cost, what environment are you working with?



I am working in Internet explorer on an NT or windows server - there are relatively few hits on the web page and very little chance of many simulataneous hits ( on an intranet).

I am not so familiar with MS Access.

I am hoping that I can post info directly to the MS Access database from a web page using server side - Perl scripts or VB and read real-time (more than less) from the MS Access database ands display data as need from (basic queries, etc )
I am hoping that there are already perl libs or VB scripts that can do this directly from a web page so it would not be necessary to develop all the functionality from scratch.
Thank you , in advance , for your response to this question.
ASP & ADO - MS technologies for you MS environment... might help you in starting out

since everyone's database is different you might have to work most of it out on your own -- I haven't done a concentrated search for existing code to do it either

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If you have FrontPage, you can do it the sneaky way... open your web in FrontPage, double click on the Access database, and FP will copy it over to your machine, where you can do whatever you need, and then copy it back to the server when you close Access. No FTP, no hassles. However, you must have the same version of Access on your machine.

That doesn't do anything about showing the records in the database though. Just the add/delete/modify part. For showing/searching the records, you'll need those tutorials/samples on ;-)

DO NOT even think about using ANY of the FP database connection wizards or Access web tools. Not only are they exceedingly limited (and limiting), but they break for no apparent reason.

Besides, if you learn how to do it yourself in ASP, you'll be able to do pretty much anything you might want to.
If you are not inclined to do the coding yourself and you have the capability for ASP (Active Server Pages) you might want to look at Generic DB.

Open source and a nice little ASP web database engine.


Is ASP a difficult thing to enable on a server - I am familiar with VB and programming just not vary informed about how to enable ASP on a Windows or NT netscape web server.

for the basics on enabling ASP on NT, Win 95 or Win98.

Your comment "enable ASP on a windows or NT netscape web server" shows inexperience in the matter. Windows uses I.I.S. as it's native web server. I.I.S. has native support for ASP. Coding ASP uses a mixture of vbscript (or you can use javascript if you tell it to) and ASP code. There is quite a lot of programming if you go down this road. From your posts I would suggest you use FrontPage with Extensions enabled. I tend to agree with webwoman about the flakiness of doing it with FrontPage but if you are patient you can get it to work pretty reliably.
If you want to use Perl / cgi, again prepare for some programming and back end set-up. Check out Matts Script Archive [ ] for a good starting point.
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