Why am I hanging at system boot after vid drivers installed?

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Pretty serious problem here and I can use some help.
I have an Abit TH7-II mainboard and I upgraded the processor from 1.7Ghz to a 2.53GHz processor. I upgraded the m/b BIOS, installed the CPU, changed the Smartmenu settings and everything worked just fine. (Doom 3 Alpha ran like a dream I mght add.)
I decided to a fresh install of Windows XP Pro because it was long overdue. I formatted my main drive, booted from CD and installed XP. Everything was fine until I installed the video drivers for my Visiontek TI4600 using nVidia's 40.72 drivers. When I restarted my computer after installation, I would post, see the XP splash screen and then I would get a black screen and it just sits there...and the monitor is not standby mode and all activity has halted. I changed drivers all the way back to the 30.82 set and I get the same results.
Any suggestions?

Abit TH7-II
P4 2.53GHz CPU
Visiontek TI4600 GF4
Hercules Game Theater XP
Samsung 900IFT monitor
2 x 20GB Maxtor 7200 RPM HDD
Windows XP Pro
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1) Check for any resource conflicts or shared IRQ's.

I would remove everything but the VGA card, and disable all the onboard BIOS devices and see if this helps.

I hope this helps !

try to access the boot menu by hitting f8 before the splash screen and see if you can boot to safe mode or standard VGA mode. If you cant do this, then something else is wrong. If not, then try sysexperts suggestion.


I can boot to safe mode and standard VGA mode just fine.


It turns out that the video card wasn't seated properly. I should have checked that before I started going crazy over software and IRQs. Thanks.

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