Windows 2000 Active Directory Upgrade

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If I upgrade my Windows NT PDC to Windows 2000 Active Directory, do I have to upgrade my NT BDC's to Win 2000 as well?  Also, can Exchange 5.5 run in Win 2000 Active Directory?
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"do I have to upgrade my NT BDC's to Win 2000 as well?"
-- no, but you eventually would want to do it to take advantage of full Win2k AD features

"can Exchange 5.5 run in Win 2000 Active Directory?"
-- yes, it will function as normal

After you upgrade the PDC, you domain is in "mixed mode". The new AD server apprears as a Win2k domain controller to other Win2k domain controllers you add, but represents itself an an NT 4.0 PDC to NT 4.0 and 3.51 BDCs and workstations.

With this in mind, you cannont update an NT 4.0 BDC to a PDC without shutting all of the Win2k domain controllers down. Also, you lose a lot of the great functionality of AD by running in mixed mode, like Universal Groups.

Something else worth noting: you should really update a BDC in each resource domain (assuming you have resource domains) to AD using DCpromo ASAP, but do NOT update them all at the same time, just in case there is a problem when you do the migration.

As for Exchange: 5.5 should run without hinderance under AD unless you are intending to use MIS (Mobile Information Server) which requires the installation of Exchange 2000 ADC (Active Directory Connector)or you want to add the Exchange 5.5 directory information into AD. This added functionality also requires the use of ADC.

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