My Flash BIOS Failed? What do I do?

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    I have an AMD Athlon Slot A Processor based motherboard #EP-7KXA.  I attempted to flash the BIOS using the AWDFlash command at startup (I was sure that I had the right version BIOS update!).
     When my computer restarted, the screen did not detect any IDE controllers and only displayed the Processor type and the version of my updated BIOS. It also says "Press DEL to enter startup", but will not respond to any keyboard commands. Can someone help?

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See if this will help you out at all:
BIOS trouble info:

Recovering from BIOS failure/corruption:

hope that works out for you
there should be a religion where we pray to the techs.
well at least you get a screen

you can try restoring from the bootblock (or bootstrap) whatever it is called

might wanna look somethin up on that

consult your motherboard manufacturer


Thanks for the links.  I ended up sending my BIOS chip to the EPoX factory and they re-flashed my chip for free.  The BIOS version I used was from a faulty provider.


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