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can anyone tell me step by step on how to make a login / pw for my site in cgi?
iv been downloading files from other websites and scripts... but they just dont seem to work..

plz help.
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depends on you web-server.
one solution might be to use a .htaccess file in conjunction with a .htpasswd file, then the web-server will do authentification for you and pass the authentificated username to you script.

If you want to do it by your cgi, you simple write a page with a form having a username and pw input-field, where the form's action points to your cgi.



yeah i want to do it with my cgi... but how? instructions please 0-=)
<form action="your-login.cgi" method=post>
User:<input name=user type=text>
Passwd:<input name=wassw type=password>
okay do you want just one user and pass for the site?

or multi?

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