How do I get a column total from datagrid?

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I used the datagrid to list data from an Access table.
There is a contact hours column in the datagrid.  I want to be able to list the total contact hours in a text box at the bottom of the datagrid?  Is that possible?
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Yes it is possible.

Dim intSum as Integer
Dim intLoop as Integer

'Lets suppose the Col no. to be 1
For intLoop = 0 to grid.rows-1
  intSum = intSum + cint(grid.TextMatrix(intLoop,1)  
Next intLoop

msgbox intSum

In the above code we are looping through each row of the grid and getting the value of the fields below Col no. 1.
You can change the col no. in TextMatrix parameter accoring to your code.

In case you have a Fixed row in your grid then start the loop with 1 instead of 0.
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