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In a lot of cases I have pages that are mostly html code with images, objects etc on them and only a little bit of php code like to draw some data from a database or something. I can name the files with an html extension and then do my editing in Frontpage and name them back to php, but that's a hassle. Is there a way I can double-click a php file and have it come up in frontpage just like an asp or html file?
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don't use Frontpage for that. This is a pain in a mess
Use for instance

or Dreamweaver :)

I dont use frontpage but if you want to you can just Right-click a .php file and go to open with/choose program and select MS frontpage and click the "Always use" check box. Should be no problem after that. -E
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Use Notepad or Wordpad for free.

Or use EditPlus, it colour codes your PHP so its easier to read and debug, if you add in the free PHP files. It can also be used to edit any other programming language.

It also has a preview function so you don't need to type in http://localhost/ in a browser. Godsend if your fed up of the browser wanting to connect to the internet each time it opens.

It can do HTML, Coldfusion, C++, Pascal, Perl, VBScript, JSP, unix, DOS, UnrealScript etc........

open windows explorer
click on VIEW
select FILE TYPES on the top
select PHP and the EDIT

but i recommend dreamweaver for PHP/html and all!
Another suggestion is UltraEdit -- it's a lightweight install and has:

o fully customizable macros and syntax highlighting
o has premade syntax highlighting files for you, or you can make your own
o tells you if someone else modified the file you are currently working on

I switched to this from Homesite (it was Homesite 4.0 back then) -- it's quite bloated and takes a lot more space and memory.

I haven't used EditPad as much -- but if it were a choice between Editpad, Dreamweaver, and FrontPage -- I'd do EditPad.

It really depends on what you are doing. Dreamweaver is good if you are working on the frontend programming of a website. For backend stuff (classes, database abstraction) you probably don't need all the stuff Dreamweaver gives ya.

Oh well -- I don't think anyone's answered his question and neither have I.

i think i HAVE answered his Q


Your solution wasn't satisfactory. If I change the default folder Open type then when I double-click on a php file outside of Frontpage, it will use Frontpage to open the file. This is not what I want. I wanted it set up like an Html file where if you click on it outside of Frontpage it would open in the default program (Netscape), but if double-clicked within Frontpage it would open within the Frontpage edit window. I did find a way to make this happen by changing some Frontpage registry settings; however, if the php page does not include HTML starting and </HTML> closing tags then Front page takes the code and converts it to page text. If there is a way to prevent this from happening, that is the result I'm looking for. Until then, I am evaluating us111 and waygood's suggestions of alternative editors.

I agree with splishsplash. UltraEdit it the best I've found for editing ANY web scripting code.

However, regarding you most recent comment I would probably choose Dreamweaver(MX) for what you are after. Dreamweaver(MX) creates a site for your web app and allows you to either edit or open the file at it's web location.
I stole this from an old posting to php.general:

Open Front Page
Select Tools | Options
Select the Configure Editors tab and add the .php extension.

Is this what you want?

yeah...  MS Frontpage is a shame to applications throughout the world.  ha.

definitly Dreamweaver MX.  i like the layout options of the Dreamweaver MX for PC, but it's buggy as anything.  the Mac version is stable though, but it has the Dreamweaver 4 interface.  :/


This looks like the best option so far. Using these settings I can double-click on the file within Frontpage and open it up in EditPlus or UltraEdit, or whatever I specify. I still can't make Frontpage the editor unless I include the html tags.

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