Simple: Utilitity providing user name and comment for network PCs on LAN

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Looking for an inexpensive utility (or method) that will provide the IP Address, computer name, user name and comment of PCs on our LAN.

Tried several, no one provides all four details. Most provide IP Address and computer name, such as:

 • Advanced IP Scanner
 • IP Address Searcher (includes comment)
 • xSharez scanner (includes username)
 • CheckIP 1-2

Is there one that provides all four pieces of information? Or another besides xSharez that provides IP Address, computer name and username?
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Assuming you are talking Microsoft,
You could create your own in VB Script...

Has all the bits you require to create your own custom utility.


Yes, PC, not Mac. But since our time has value, we prefer to avoid scripting.
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