installing a script in cgi-bin

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I recently installed a survey program that uses a cgi script to analyse the results. I have no idea how to configure the cgi. Can anybody help me. I would supply the parameters to my web server if somebody wants to install it for me.
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I would appreciate it very much.
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hmm.. give me some details...

What problem do you have installing yourself?

I can't help you now..

Because I am behind a firewall.. currently... till i get home later

But I can't answer you most problems you will have.. if you upload the script..

First of all..

Configure whatever you need to configure in the script..

perhaps.. calle vars.cgi or config.cgi

Upload the enter folder to your server's CGI-BIN

After that..

For all files CHMOD them to 755
For directory CHMOD them to 777
For CONFIG or VAR file CHMOD them to 777

Hope this helps. let me know what are your errors..


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