New Install of Red Hat 8 will only boot from floppy.

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I just installed Red Hat 8 for the first time.
Everything loads okay, but the problem is that when I want to boot or reboot, the system always wants to do it from the floppy. How do I change it so the system boots from the HD?
It is listed correctly in the CMOS settings, even tried disabling everything but the HD to boot.

I used the Auto Partition option when installing. Don't remember anything about being asked where I wanted to boot from during the install.

Also when doing the install I used a boot disk instead of booting from the CDROM.
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If this is a Linux only system (no windows, Beos, etc), then boot up from the floppy and do a 'grub-install /dev/hda'. Assuming that you are using Grub as the boot loader and that your boot drive is hda. After that it should boot without needing the floppy.
you can also use LILO. When Linux boots, login as root and type the following command:  /sbin/lilo -v

This will install LILO to the MBR and it will let Linux boot without a floppy.
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