Conversion from decimal to hexadecimal(base 16) to Octadecimal(Base 8)

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To make a short story, how do you convert a base n number to some base m number?

For example, here is how you do in Java from base 10 to 8:
String tmpOCT = Integer.toString(tmpValue , 8);
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Conversions to hex is quite similar:

String tmpHex = tmpValue.ToString("X")

Don't know about octal though.

Jaco Conroy
To convert a 32-bit signed integer value to its equivalent String representation in a specified base use...

Convert.ToString(int value, int toBase)

To convert a string representation of a number in a specified base to an equivalent 32-bit signed integer use...

Convert.ToInt32(string value, int fromBase)

These methods only support the bases 2, 8, 10, or 16.

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