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Ok I want a linux system at home to strat trying to completly host websites, mysql etc. I have a 550/30g/20g system ready to try it out on but it takes a week to get the iso from rehat.com. So I guess that 's first Where can I get the rh 8 iso? Next what is the ideal setup for the system it's not going to be a dual boot it's a dedicated machine in case that matters, TIA for the help

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The RedHat site is seldom the best place to download the ISO's from. But it is a good place to find out what mirrors are available (http://www.redhat.com/download/mirror.html). A number of the mirrors (usually one close to you in network path) are very fast and you can download all the ISO's in a short tim over a fast (1Mbps or better) Internet link.

I don't think I'd commit 8.0 to a live server yet, but it should be fine to learn on. Any of the RedHat x.0 releases tend to be a bit too close the the bleeding edge of development and it is usually better to wait for the x.1 release.

How to lay out a RedHat or any other Linux system is somewhat of a religious matter. Personally I never use the shipped versions of Postgres, MySQL, PHP, or Apache and prefer to build my own copies from source with exactly the options that I need for a server. But that's a big task to take on initially, so to learn you are probably better off with RedHat's versions. The disk layout and packages to choose are probably the most important first choices needed.

A reasonable initial layout might look something like:

/boot - 100Mb
/     - 5000Mb
/var  - 2000Mb
swap  - at least 2x installed memory, up to 2047Mb
/home - remainder of the disk

/backup - the whole disk

By reserving the second drive as a place to back things up you'll have some freedom to play around and if you screw up the system in some way or decide you want a different partition layout or package set it's easy to redo the system (what's on hda) without loosing everything.

Until you know better what you will be using I think I'd do a Workstation install + databases, Apache, & PHP. You can do that at install time by selecting a Workstation cluster and also "Select individual packages".


Thank you jlevie that's a great start, I can't wait to see what everyone else adds.

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