Teaming Intel or Broadcom NICS with Redhat 7.2, 8.0 or AS2.71

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I would like some assistance in configuring teaming with the above adapters, either in Fault Tolerance state, ALB or fast ethernet.  If someone has some good documentation, that would be great.  The intel nics can be either Intel Pro 100 or 1000 speed, Broadcom 1000.  I am not wanting to mix cards, just team the same brand of card.  I think I need to get started with the ians driver from Intel, but the readme sucks.  Please point me in the right direction.
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Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

compile the kernel with support for 1Gbit cards, and I think the intel ones come in the kernel already.

I prefer to use modules, so I advise you to make them modules. then, you can use them.
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I'm using iANS with pro 100S and CISCO 2950 and everything works ok. This is how you can do it:

1. read iANS readme then ignore it :). Anyway ianscfg without arguments will give you the help.

2.use the e100 driver, not the eepro100 one.
3. create a team, let's call it TEAM0, in FEC mode:
   ianscfg -a -t TEAM0 -M FEC
4.create a vitual adapter, let's call it veth0, on this team:
   ianscfg -a -t TEAM0 -v veth0
5. add an interface to it, let's say eth0 (remeber, the interface you add must be down at this point !)
   ianscfg -a -t TEAM0 -m eth0 -p primary
add other interfaces, as you like.
6. commit the changes
   ianscfg -c TEAM0
7. save the configuration file for further use
   ianscfg -w -f <your config filename>
8. configure the switch ports to fastEtherchannel (CISCO)

9. use the normal linux configuration for veth0. YOU SHOULD NOU USE ANY COMMANDS ON eth0 or any member of the team for now on.

To restore the configuration use
   ianscfg -r -f <your config filename>

Change your boot scripts to first restore the adapter and so on..


I will try that, thanks for the help.
Mihai BarbosTrying to tame bits. They're nasty.

Any news ?

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