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On two of my webpages, I have one large flash file that must load.  Is there any way to load these files while users are viewing my homepage so that when they come to these pages, the page will load quicker.
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You could insert a small flash movie inside your homepage (empty or small banner) and inside this movie insert a loadmovie action in which you preload the large movie. The large movie will be put in the internet-user's cache.

But if it is not finished loading the movie will ofcourse not have been preloaded.... like when the internet user clicks to the large movie from the homepage really quick.
You could also have the small preload-movie open in a small popup in which it states that it is preloading the flash. This way the user understands why there is so much traffic on his modem or sortlike. It can then also state "finished loading, click here to view".

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