What is Simputer?

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What is the Difference between Computer and Simputer?
I need Technical Difference. Many of my friends are telling that the later is cheeper and smaller. But I am not satisfied with the answer. Can any one please tell me
the technical difference.
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Try this:

hope thats what your looking for
there should be a religion where we pray to the techs.

> Title: What is Simputer?

Say What? Games for playing Sims?

> What is the Difference between Computer and Simputer?
This is an invalid question.

> Can any one please tell me the technical difference.

Simputer is computer.
Computer is not Simputer, but could be.
(Info thanx to jason's link follows:)


- CPU 32-bit Strong Arm SA-1100 RISC CPU running at 200MHz
- 32 MB of DRAM
- 24 MB Flash for Permanent Storage (DOC)
- Display I/F 320x240 Monochrome LCD Display Panel
- Touch-panel Overlay on LCD Display used with a plastic stylus (Pen)
- Speaker and MIC Jacks Smartcard Connector
- RJ-11 Telephone Jack
- USB Connector
- Approximately 8cm x 13 cm x 2 cm
- Power Supply 3 AAA-sized NiMh batteries
System Software
- Operating System: GNU/Linux
- Soft-Modem Algorithms V.34/V.17 Data/Fax Modem Technology


er, Lists like that really do describe computer, now, does it not?


Following jason link's recommendation, try send an e-mail direct to simputer@csa.iisc.ernet.in

Some research dated back to last July

" Each Simputer will have a SA-110 StrongARM CPU (central processing unit), 32MB of DRAM, 16MB flash. It will not have a keyboard, and data can be fed into it through a stylus (pen-like computing device that sends out electronic signals) and a system called tap-a-tap devised by scientists here. "

You can find more from these at simputer web site under PRESS.  Hope this helps.
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