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i have two remote sites that i am having problems getting dns to work properly
both servers at the sites are domain controllers
but when i got to cmd prompt and type in NSLOOKUP
i get '"cant find seerrver name for address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: Non0Existent domain
Default server are not available
Default server:Unknown"

i made sure that the servers are pointing to themselves in dns network properties
i have even uninstalled and reinstalled DNS from the servers and still i get the same thing
this is probably cause my replication problems of not being able to find each other
i dont know what else to look at
please HELP!

adtekengineers, inc

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Download the support tools for Windows 2000 and run
1) dcdiag /v /fix > dcdiag.log (and review the log.)
2) netdiag /v /fix > netdiag.log (and review the log.)

This will give you an indication of the possible errors.

Have you tried creating a reverse lookup zone? I think nslookup requires a reverse lookup zone to work properly and the error you mentioned might not mean that DNS is not working properly.

Don't have a Win2K server handy so can't give you the exact steps, but if it's anything like NT4 you would create a new primary zone with your IP subnet address in reverse, e.g. if your subnet address is then the zone name would be 2.1.10.in-addr.arpa.

If that's not too clear perhaps someone else could post Win2K instructions.

Hope that helps.

When did the problem begin?
Have you ever been successful using nslookup?
What changed?  Were there any hardware/software additions/removals?

1. try nslookup from www.codeflux.com/tools

2. can you ping the servers IP addresses and friendly names?  


good tip, the reverse lookup zones for my 2 remote site were missing, i was able to find walk me throughs and i got the problem fix
carlos cordova
adtekengineers, inc.

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