How to run app. before windows start ?

jyotiraditya used Ask the Experts™
My application set some regional setting in registry.
This settings will be reflected if my app. runs before windows load the settings from registry.
Is there any way to run application before windows start ?
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Which windows-version ?

If can't be a windows-application, because it has to start before your windows start.
Just call your program in your autoexec.bat

Hello jyotiraditya !

What i think you mean is:

1. Not running an app before windows starts
2. Run the app after initilization of windows

What i know is that you have a key in the windows registry called RunOnce. If you do the right settings and reboot your machine the requested app will be started and do the required job.

3. Search the web: "visual basic","runonce", ... and you will find the solution

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