How to start RedHat 7.2 from Win98?

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I have recently installed RedHat 7.2 in my system. It is a frustuating to reboot my computer when I want to use windows or linux. Can anyone give me an idea to start it from Win98 without restarting my comptuer? I am running RedHat 7.2 in GUI mode but while loading from windows I need to load it in its bash shell.
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Um, you are not making much sense here.
w98 and linux are operating systems. You can only run one OS at a time.
There are several ways to boot up linux, but they all need a "boot phase".
So if you are running w98 and want to run a linux program, you'll have to reboot.

Now, there are "emulators" that can be used to provide an OS with a "virtual machine", so that you'd be able to run w98 !in a window" under X (most notabel is vmware:

If you just want the applications you might consider installing Cygwin, which is a windoze port of a broad range of unix/linux utilities and applications. I've never run it from w9x though (only NT/w2k), so I can't say what level of functionality you can expect (they claim to run on any "modern 32 bit windows": 95/98/NT/2000/XP). Check it out at

-- Glenn
When you boot you can select which runlevel to boot to. If your default runlevel is 5 (multi-user, with X windows and network), and you want to boot to runlevel 3 (multi-user, with network but no X), you can simply do (LILO example):
LILO: linux 3<Enter>
If you have a fast computer, you might try WINE. It will allow you to run Windows applications from Linux. Learn more at
Also do as Gns says and get vmware, that will allow you to actually start windows from Linux.
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I specifically avoided mention of wine, since over the many years I've tried it, functionallity at best have been marginal (yes, even though it is far better now, it's still not a "fix it all" solution). It can also be quite tricky to get ... the most out of it, so I deemed it unsuitable for "new-to-linux" experiences /yes I do know there are tools to alleviate that).
But of course you are right haydes007, wine and its commercial offspring (CrossOver Office, Wine-X (for games)) are worth mentioning, if not recommending.

-- Glenn


although i am not sure this is ultimate answer, u could try using "LOADLIN.EXE" that comes in the Redhat CD. Do check up the document that comes with the same.

for that however, u will require to restart windows in MS-DOS Mode (if there is such a thing) ;)

and then simply run :

loadlin <kernel image created as per docs> {ENTER}

and u are on ur way ;)

-- Mayuresh
Um, loadlin is an OS loader that will perform "warm boots" of linux from windows... spiffy when you need to "preload" some state into HW (used to be some audio chips needed this). Loadlin was then used as an alternative to trusting the three finger salute from reseting said state...
This doesn't seem to be applicable to the problem at hand though, does it?

-- Glenn


The main reason I want to access Linux from windows is that I want learn Linux while still using the application of windows. So, using of Loadlin doesn't suit for me.

My system has very low resources. As you guys stated that vmware and wine consumes a lot of resources I can't install it.

I don't need the Linux GUI, I want to learn its bash shell so if you know a better solution which offer bash shell in windows which eats very low resource please post it.

I know about cygwin but it cuts off many features. Please state a better one.
There aren't any better ones, not with the limitations you've quoted.

Cygwin isn't particularily limited when run on an NT based system (NT4/2K/XP), but that might be different on a DOS based one (W9X/ME). I've even run X on it:-).

What limitations you will percieve is largely due to what set of applications you install. If disk is the primary "bottleneck", I can well see this being a problem;-).

-- Glenn


GNS what will you suggest me. Will I go for cygwin? Please state some limitations and advantages of cygwin. Yes I have read the cygwin faq but i want to hear from u.
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pawan-agr... Since I've never used cygwin on w9x (as stated above), I really just can repeat what is in the FAQ (and readmes etc for some packages).
Since there is no cost (apart from download&time) involved, I'd suggest you get cygwin and see for your self.
I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

I've deemed this question as answered for a while:-).

-- Glenn
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