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I have html formatted data stored in XML and am loading it into Flash. But there is a slight problem being experienced. I have "img src" in my html pointing to image swhich I have to display in between my text. The position is not fixed and is totally dynamic.

Is there a way to display the HTML in Flash along with the images. I am, for the time being, using a text box and filling it up sans the images, but I have to get this working

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Sorry not possible though html. In this situation why would you need flash then if the page contains almost complete HTML :)

This way it should be the other way around: A HTML page containing Flash elements.

You could build Action script that scans the HTML for the IMG tags, replace them with non-html and put in an Image using Flash (linked jpg). But possitioning the image would be hard scripting in flash though.


not the solution that I was hoping for. But looking at your advice, I discarded Flash MX and used XML and Javascript and HTML for my need.

Do not know what to do with the points. Do I accept the answer as it did point out the route to me or do I close and delete the question as my problem with Flash was not solved. Advice
Do what you think is best  :)

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