ATI TV Wonder USB question on capturing images.

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I have the ATI TV Wonder USB.  My video card is the Radeon 9700 Pro running Windows XP Professional.  The card works fine but I am having trouble grabbing images.  

I have a video feed from my VCR that I record.  That goes well.  I want to capture images at 640 x 480 in .jpg.  So I click on the button that saids to capture images at that size and I even click on the still gallery and change the files where it saves to the correct resolution and file extension.

But, it STILL records them in 320 x 240.  My question is how can I force the captured images to be at 640 x 480 and .jpg format.
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Without getting into too much detail, each frame of TV video has two fields so your height on a 640x480 feed is really only 240 high. A 640x240 frame would look distorted so to keep the aspect ratio it brings it down to 320x240. That's deinterlaced as it should be for a screen capture.


I think I get what you are saying but it saids that I can get images at 640 x 480 and I can but I have to do it manually after I grab the image.  What I'm saying is how can I force it to always grab at that resolution since none of the options seem to do what they say they will do.
It wont let you because aparrently its screen capture capability only allows you to capture one of the fields.

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