Has one processor died?

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I guess I'm going to have to scrabble about and find the motherboard spec, but does anyone know a simple way of finding out if one of the dual processors in an NT4 workstation has quietly died?  This machine is now running very much slower than always has up till a week ago.
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WakeupSpecialist 1

Hmmmmmm.........I dont know if it is a CPU issue.  If the CPU has failed...I would gather that the Motherboard would record such error or at least bringing it to your attention.

You can try this piece of software.  They have a trial version.  See what it detects about your hardware.


Other than that try some diagnostics software:
Under NT open the TASK MANAGER and see how many processors it shows.  If 2, then both CPUs are going.

If 1, reboot and check the BIOS.  See if it detects both at boot time.

I'm certain that a CPU failure would bring the entire system down, not just leave it running at half speed. Have you looked in Task Manager to see if you have some process which is gobbling up loads of CPU time?
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jhance - aha Task Manager does show a split window for CPU usage, so they're both OK!  Knew there was an easy way of seeing this, but dashed if I could remember where : )

And it also showed that the CPU usage was 100% on both processors when the machine was just sitting there.

I run the the United Devices distributed processing algorithm for cancer research on allmy machines - when I closed this process down, CPU usage dropped to 50%.  Guess this process has just got more greedy recently.

Thanks guys

Wakeup - pls comment in http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Q_20404664.html for points.

pjknibbs - yours are here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Q_20404665.html

Go back to the task manager and click on the PROCESSES tab.  Then click on the CPU Util. column and see what process(es) are showing at the top of the list.

My guess here is that you have some sort of virus or other trojan type software infesting your system.

Oops, I missed your comment about the United Devices software.  Glad you found this and I'm also glad it wasn't a virus...


yeah, me too... Admittedly I only use that machine for gaming and running UD and SETI, but it would have been sad to see it die.

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