using pop3 email addresses on a Windows NT Network

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I have setup pop3 email addresses on all PCs in my windows NT network. The server is a Windows NT Box and Client workstation are a mixer of windows NT and Windows 98. They all login to the network by getting authentication from NT server.

The pop3 email accounts are set to use the network to get mail as they all share one dialup account.

The problem I have is that the pop3 accounts are not able to get mail through the network saying they cannot find the ISP mail server. They can connect and browse the internet but cannot get mail. From the server which has the dial up modem Mail can be received.

How do I make the workstations see the ISP mail server?
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what sort of mailserver are you using on your Nt box? Or are you connecting to a mailserver on your ISP, if so do you have proxy server installed?
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