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I am building an audio player for use in a semi-professional recording / broadcast environment. The player is based around the Windows MediaPlayer OCX. I want to be able to have 10 'cart' / audio players on screen at the same time (each with basic, play stop, and eject controls - as well as filename labels) and select the audio by means of a filelist box (the idea being that you can play / control up to 10 pieces of audio at once). My problem is that I can't work out the code / syntax to allow the programme to direct an audio file to MediaPlayer1 first and then by double clicking on another audio file in the filelist box to force the programme to load the second file to mediaPlayer2, and then MediaPlayer3, etc. I know that the code will be simple - but it is evading me at the moment. Please help. Thank you. Glenn.
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In your VB IDE select the menu <project>, then <references>. In the dialog box shown, you must select WindowsMediaPlayer (check it) and click OK. This will add a mediaplayer class to your project.

Option Explicit
Dim mpx As MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer 'insert this in the declaration section of your form'                                                                    

Private Sub playmusic(MySoundFilename)

Set mpx = New MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer

mpx.ShowAudioControls = True 'this if you want to show audio control panel'

mpx.Open MySoundFilename

End Sub


Private sub stopmusic()

mpx.filename = "" 'Unload file from MediaPlayer'
End Sub


Of course you can call the playmusic routine in the click event of a file list box, passing the filename selected in the MySoundFilename variable.

To stop music, add a command button that calls the stopmusic routine.
If you need several different media players you must declare different mpx objects : Dim mpx1 As MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer, mpx2 As MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer, mpx3........
You can also declare and use an array of objects if this can better fit your scope:
Dim mpx(10) As MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer

Hope this helps  
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