Cahnging File Upload control "Browse" button

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As we can include embadded element "File Upload Cpntrol" in a form. We get a field and "Browse" botton by default.

Is there any way by which, we can change the default "Browse" button, means I want to show some, say graphical button instead of default HTML button.

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Maybe something like this (not tried):

In the properties for the upload control:
1. Under HTML tag, give it an ID. Eg: uplCtrl
2. allso under Style set visibiliety: visibility="hidden"

I guess you then can add a link to your graphics element that performs this javascript:;


Hi stltt
Thanks for your responce.
I am not abel to achieve the result.
It is not possible. That particular button is browser generated one.

Actually I tried it - and it worked fine.

There where some errors in my first post. Procedure:

1. Create a upload control.
2. In the HTML properties for the upload control set these values:

I then added an image, created a hotspot on the image, and wrote this javascript for it:;

NOTE my writing error, the style setting is seperated with a colon, not equal sign as I wrote the first time.

(I used IE 6 for this. I think the style setting is "invisible" for Netscape)

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