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  How can I create another form in a form view application and how to switch the view to that form?

Thank you!
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Hi jimbucci,

I tried the solution suggested in the above link but I had problems while I was building the project.
One problem was that :
   if (afxData.bWin4)
         dwStyle &= ~WS_BORDER;
was not defined and I didn't know what library to include.
I removed these two lines and  the code worked.
Another problem is that I couldn't connect varaibles or controls to the second form I created.
Here's how I created it: Insert->NewForm.
I chose a name for it and a document name.
Can you help me here and tell me how to connect controls to it?
And BTW, I don't want the dialog that asks you which form you want to start with to appear. Do you know how?

Thank you alot.
Best Regards,


Hi Dan,

 Before you close this question, I'll post another message linking to this question saying that I am still waiting for an answer. Is that OK?

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No problem.  There will be a second notice, then you'll have 4 days after that.  Even if the question gets deleted, you will be able to get to it from your Question History in your profile.
-- Dan
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Look at the CHKBOOK sample with Visual C.  
That shows two forms views to one doc and how to stop the question about which type when you have multiple views/docs in the app.
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