How to run External Commands via Netware Login Script ?

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I am working in an IT Co., but have been introduced to Novell 4.11 only recently. I have to get the Antivirus program updated weekly.

I have figured a way out so that the program will execute on every monday. But I am not able to get the program to run. I get the followin error.

LOGIN-4.22.00-740: This utility could not execute external program

I went through the help where there was a mention of # and @ commands. But they too did not work. I even tried mentioning the syntax, but it too did not work. Also I am a bit sceptical of the option as I have cross platforms i.e. Win'95,98,NT & 2K.

Can someone help me write a script that will run for all the above OS?

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This depends on the AV program but for McAfee to run AutoUpdate each time a user logs in you could use something like the following line:

@C:\Program Files\McAfee\McUpdate.exe /silent

If you know what program files you need to run the update then I would put them on the server and then change the path to the server directory.  That way you know the path is correct regardless of OS.

YOu can also use something like ePolicy Orchestrator or ZENWorks to schedule and control updates without using the login script.

Might want to check out this link also:



Thanks a lot mwill_qsib, I was able to automate the process. But I am still having a problem.

The given solution is working in Windows 95 & 98. But gives the same error in NT & Win2K.

I am not able to use Zen works as I am working on Netware 4.11.

Please let me know what can I do ?

My first guess would be that the path to the update program is different on the NT/2K machines.  I usually get that error when I type the path wrong.  

If this is the case then to fix it I would place the AV update program files in a directory on the server and call it from there.

You could also have 2 separate commands that get called based on the OS with something like this:

@Path to file in Windows 95/98
@Path to file in NT/2K

I don't remember the names for the operating systems but you can use the following line to get them:

WRITE "This system is using: %OS"
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