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hi all ,
i am vasu ,
can anyone tell what kind of management tools genereally we require for remote administration of servers.i mean in broader perspetive ,like what kind of network connection(intenet) is needed in between and what are the applications we use to  manage servers remotely ,are they all same for all OSs like linux and windows 2000.

Any difference if they are managed through LAN & WAN  ?what way will it effect us ?

lots of thanks in advance,

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there are lots of tools.  

VNC works with from both windows and linux but isnt the most secure.  You can set Public IPs to gain access remotely if you like.  I use it for an internal trouble shooting, behind my firewall.  One problem is the client on the computer you are trying to connect to HAS to be running, (ie the machine has to be logged in).    Terminal Service is a good tool for working with  MS Server OS.   MS SMS is still in beta but it has the best remote admin tools I have yet seen.  

For linux in a server envirorment, I would go SOLELY with a SSH client,  SSH is in the most likely running by deault on most flavors of windows.

Hope this helps.

For inside of a LAN i recoment Hyena 3.0,  trial version availavle at  it is a great for remote admin. everything from exchange to security policies  dont think it work over a WAN.
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