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I have a network with Windows NT running on the PDC and Windows 2000 clients connecting to the network. One of my users is occasionally having a problem, that is when he logs on his Outlook email and desktop settings are missing. The profiles which exist locally are username, username.domain, username.domain.001, username.domain.002, etc up to 009. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?


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It seems that the user is logging on locally or to another domain. Was this workstation ever part of another domain?

Matt Defore


No it wasn't on another domain. It seems the user logged off, another person logged on for a while using a different logon, then the user logged on again to find his email and settings and documents missing. We have been able to get the email and the documents from the username.domain.00n folders but we still don't know why it happened.

This reminds me of a situation I had with a clients profile surpasing the registry limit size.  Take a look at your size amount while you client is logged on and if it is close to the limit try increasing it.

Right click on My Computer.

Choose Properties.

Click on the Advance tab.

Click on the Performance Options button.

Click on the Change... button.

In the Maximum Registry Size (MB) field increase the size and click OK.

A semi relational article would be;en-us;q189119

It was a while back but I believe everytime the clients profile would excede the limit it would create a new profile folder and add to the end of the previous profile folder .001, .002 .003, etc.

Good luck!


I am pretty confident this has been the problem. I just looked at the users profile and it is currently at 64Mb, while the registry limit was at 65 Mb. I have upped the limit to 100Mb, and slapped the users wrists as most of that space is bloody mp3's.



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