DOS Printing in Landscape or Portrait

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Is there a command or way of printing an ASCII text file
to the printer in either Landscape or Portrait. I need to be able to do this by a DOS Command and do not want to have the user pressing buttons on the printer.

I have tried:-

1.   Type myfile.txt >lpt1
2.   Print myfile.txt >lpt1

but both formats always come out in Portrait.

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It depends on your printer. What I've done for an HP printer to print listings is to create a two data files that contain printer control sequences. The first does what I want to do (in my case print in compressed print) and the second reset the printer. Then I create a batch file that prints the file:

copy /A c:\util\compon.dat+%1+c:\util\compoff.dat PRN>NUL

Good Luck,


Thanks Steve,

2 Batch Files with control sequences to print in landscape and Portrait will suffice.

Although it isn't pretty, the mechanics of it will be disguised to end user.


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