Network Printer Driver Nightmare

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Hoping you can help me here.

Have a Win2k notebook connecting to a WinNT network. No problems there.
Have a laserjet printer attached to a WinNT station and shared. No problems there either.
A WinME Notebook has the printer installed and printing across the network. No problems with installation there.
I tried to install this printer on the Win2k station, and stupidly selected the wrong driver for it doesn't work.
Nor does it show up in the printers panel because the driver didn't install properly.
Now everytime i try to install the printer it wants to install that wrong driver... i've tried everything including backing up then playing with the registry.... it STILL wants that wrong driver for that printer. I can't even delete the printer because it's half there and half not and doesn't show up in printers window.....

How do i get it to let me select another driver when i point to this printer for installation?

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This is just of the top of my head, but I vaguely recall a similar problem a collegue mentioned to me which was resolved by simply re-naming the shared printer name.

Not much of an answer I know, but maybe worth a try.
Hello MazzaRC,
-Open printer in control panel..
-Choose File.. Server Properties..
-Go to the drivers tab & remove the driver, or all drivers..
-Restart the print spoller service & reinstall your printers.

I suggest is download the latest drivers, which provide by the manufacturer. And try to add printer again.


Thanks Housenet,

worked great!


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