office 97 problem in win2k professional

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Dear Experts,
I have installed office 97 on windows 2000 professional edition. When I log in as a user other than administrator I do not get access to the spelling and grammar tab in tools/options in Microsoft Word whereas when I log in as an administrator I am able to use spell check and grammar.
Is there a solution for this problem?
Thank you.
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I have come across many problems with office97 and Windows 2k. Unfortunately the user will need at least PowerUser rights to use office97 to it's full potential.

If you need instructions on how to make a user a power user, let me know.

maybe those features haven't been installed on that users profile

try making the user an administrator, running word and using the features

log off and back on

then make them a restricted user again

let me know if this does anything


Dear MazzaRC,
Thank you, your method did help.

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