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Hai folks...greets to u all.

I am a systems engineer and want to update some registry settings of a remote computer across the network.

so can any body help me how can I edit or write into a remote windows 200 or Nt system??

I tried using regedit and connected to the remote registry but i am not able to get the full registry, and i am not able to edit hlpm me....
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Always have anyone at that machine log out while editing its registry. That may help.
But, what do you mean you cant get the "full registry"?
Regedt32 would be the correct tool to allow you to edit a complete hive, save the changes, and re-apply remotely.

Try This

Connect to the NT/2000 Box \\COMPUTERNAME\ADMIN$

enter your Admin user name & Pass

execute regedit

Connect Network Computer

"computer name"

and you will see 3 branches


Into this branches you can edit/modify/delete everything registry related.

the missing remote branches (you can see those in your local registry) are

HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG depends on the user logged - you can found the needed items on HKEY_USERS..etc

I apologize for my language...i'm from Argentina!
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Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

you can always use VNC also, to get full control on the other computer, and then you can not only tamper with the registry, but also work remotely :)
oh, and I was forgetting to tell you something: It's free.

if your looking at doing a lot of computers look into VB scripting.

You can bind to any machine on the network and change
/ modify / enumerate anything that is on that box. Assuming you have authentication to do so.

If you want examples be specific on what you want and I will write a quick script up as a demo.

hey huckey,
can you please give an example as it would be interesting to see how VB connects to the registry

I believe this will answer the original question. The other 3 keys are buried in the 2 actual keys. They don't show up when you connect remotely.

Handle keys and their respective locations. --Mapped Handle Key Actual Location
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT      -                             HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes
HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG  -                             HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Profile Number
HKEY_CURRENT_USER      -                             HKEY_USERS\User SID (Security ID number)
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