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Hi all,

In our company we are going to start a big new project (build it from the ground up).  The developers team wants to develop this system using .Net technology.  But the only guys to convince now is the management.  Currently we are are using VB6 and asp pages for most of our applications... So management says that we should stick to these technologies.  But as developers we think maybe it would be better to make the switch now, then to make it in a couple of years when the system is up and running.  So the question... yeah the question is, do you guys now how we could convince our management?  Our there any comparisons made between vb6 and .net?  We should have hard figures showing the dev cost and maintainance cost, but where can we find them? etc... etc... any input is greatly appreciated!
I'm putting 200 points here, coz we need this very urgently ...

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You should put some things together and look at the ROI.

Check how much time you would take developing it using "old" technologies and how much time it takes to develop it using new technologies. Also take in the time of learning .Net. Answer the basic questions they might ask to yourself. Also think about the costs it will take to migrate to .Net (thus the infrastructure). Does the company like to be inovative with new technology or stay with the older but proven technologies?

Is it actually worth the costs to use .net instead of VB6 and or ASP? Just because developers want to learn something new doesn't mean that the company should follow them. Have proof of what this new technology can do for the project.

Development, maintenancecosts etc differ per project and per company. It is totally dependent of the intelligence of your developers. Ask them what they know, what they can and let them make an estimation for both the VB6 and environment... etc etc.

hello friends,
before u get into new technology u should think abt the scalability,performance etc..
when compare to old tech defenitely new one would be better
.In terms of .Net
Langauage Neutrality will bring blossoms in development.
developer cannot  get constraint over Language offer.
Better security Compile once paradigms are all definetly
change u'r development.But at the same time u should think abt the endusers.this is an evolving technology the infrastructure at present will really put us in fix.
.Net is long ahead road map of Microsoft.So no doubt it this tech.will live last long.
but u shd think abt u'r circumstances around u.
We had this very same discussion at our company about 6 months ago.

My view was, personally, that due to timescales, we should stick with VB6 and COM etc.

My collegue however, was very insistant that .Net was much easier to program and the development timescales would be dramatically decreased. And that any time taken out "learning" the new way would be compensated for further down the line.

There are many arguments 'for' using .net and you'll find loads of reasons by searching the internet.

But as said above, each case is different.

I would also take into account that if your company feels that it is inevitable that in the future your product will be running on .net then is it better to invest time now in proper training courses and overcoming the steep learning curve, so that in 1 or 2 years you don't have to go through the whole process again for the re-write.

As I said b4, we actually did move onto .net and I've not really looked back... it is frustrating sometimes, trying to do something that was so simple in VB6, but I'd also say that a lot of things are much more straight forward.

Conclusion: if your company doesn't mind initial development times extending by about 30% (wild guess - depends on size of project) then go for it, I'm sure the .net re-write in a few years time would take 100% longer.
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We just started a new sub-department within our own MIS/Networking department and I thought that we werte going to have the same choices, VB6 or VB.NET?  I knew Vb6 well and had a copy of it on one of our machines.  When we ordered Visdual Studio for new programmers, it came as VS.NET.  The reason? Microsoft says it is no longer selling visual studio 6, thus forcing an upgrade.  Therefore, I suggest that you seriously consider moving up to .NET since microsoft seems to have stopped selling VS 6, and i assume stopped sellin l;icenses for it.
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@wvandeneede, Provide question status...


I didn't really knew who to give the points to... so i just took the last comment handling the question.   Anyway to keep you guys informed: we finally opted for .Net.  Our developers are now getting trained and have been working with .Net for about a month now.
For those who want to know more i'll be glad to comment on our findings.

Kind regards,


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