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I am using both Fireworks and Dreamweaver to create a new site. I used an image that I had created in Fireworks sliced it up and then imported it into Dreamweaver, so far so good.

This image has a banner section at the top and a navbar section on the left built in or I guess they are just called slices? I want this image to be essentially the the index.htm for my site and based on the user selection in the navbar load another page into a content area of the sliced image, not open a new window based on the users selection. Can this be done and how?


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You will probably want to use frames. Any other way just gets messy. An image cant be an index.html but you can place that image into a static portion of the frameset and have it load pages into the content frame.
uh why?

i just dont get what is up with slices and all that other crap.. it _never_ looks right anyway...


uh, if you don't have anything positive to "type" you shouldn't "type" anything at all...
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Holly: slices translate to table cells in HTML. THAT'S why.
ampapa.. yeah... why dont you go paint flowers everywhere and pretend that 'everything is allright'..  

theres nothign wrong with constructive criticism.

i just dont think that slices are the best way to do things--

1. they use too much bandwidth-- if you want a cell green, tell it in HTML to be green (rather than having a green picture)

2. they are difficult to maintain. i mean-- do you really want to manage 50 different images, instead of 1??

3. on 20% of the websites you go to-- they are done incorrectly, and leave gaps (due to alignment issues). you have to test them on netscape, opera, different resolutions---

if you think that sounds like fun.. they you have too much time on your hands..



Constructive criticism doesn't include the word "crap" expand you vocabulary and be a little more original.

Sounds like you need a vacation.



I guess I'm confused about creating a link to another site or page. If I use an image as a home page how can I create links to the other pages in my site and have them appear in my main page?
If you keep it as one image you can use an imagemap to create the links. If you use slices you can slice it such that appropriate images become links. I prefer using slices because you can usually get it smaller than one large JPEG and more colors/smaller size than one large GIF. This is especially true for images with more than 256 colors.

Holly: Slices just become tables. Tables are EVERYWHERE and most are done well. Especially when exported from ImageReady. You CAN edit the tables after creation to tweak anything, like a green cell. In some cases its just not practical to have one large image and you can almost always get sliced images smaller than one large one.


Thanks for your help.

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