Storec Proc: INSERT Data If It Doesn't EXIST

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Hey Gang,

I have this stored procedure:

CREATE      PROCEDURE [sp_AddSubjectP2ep]
     @SubjectNumber varchar(6),
     @Subject varchar(50)

AS INSERT INTO [SubjectsP2ep]
      ( [SubjectNumber],
     (@SubjectNumber, @Subject)

A very simple stored procedure to add a row of data in a table that has three columns: SubjectID, SubjectNumber and Subject.  SubjectID is the primary key/identity column.

However, now the client would like to ensure they are not duplicating either the subject number or subject.  How can I rewrite this stored proc to check to see if either the subject number or subject currently exist and if so return a value like -1 or something.  Otherwise, insert the data and return a 1.

This is probably pretty normal behaviour (I hope).  Are there other approaches I should consider?

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INSERT INTO [SubjectsP2ep]
     ( [SubjectNumber],

select (@SubjectNumber, @Subject)
where not exists (select subjectnumber from subjectsp2ep where subject = @subject) and not exists
(select subjectnumber from subjectsp2ep where subjectnumber = @subjectnumber)


Thanks for the response.  However, in my application I'd like to notify the user if the data was added or not.  So, if I didn't perform the insert I'd like to return a value to the routine that called the stored procedure.
add select @@ROWCOUNT after the insert.  It will be 0 if nothing was inserted 1 if there was.


Thanks.  I'll put it a test and see if it works.  Makes sense though.

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