version 5.81 of Comctl32.dll

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I'm trying to use the TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS toolbar style but i get a compile error: error C2065: 'TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS' : undeclared identifier

I've checked the version of the Comctl32.dll on my machine and it is 5.81.

Can someone please tell me why i get this error.

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 Do a search for ComCtl32.dll maybe you have multiple copies.

"Undeclared identifier" probably means the compiler just can't find the #define for this id.  On my current machine this is in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\CommCtrl.h

Try adding "#include <commctrl.h>" to your stdafx.h file; I don't think this is included by default.


The problem may be that even if you have commctrl.h, it
is old version and does not include this style.

You can download the latest Microsoft Platform SDK from

and then look in the new commctrl.h for a
#define statement for the new style, and copy it
in your source.


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I updated my SDK and added the "#include <commctrl.h>" to the stdafx.h file.
How do i set the VC project to the new SDK. (C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\CommCtrl.h)

When i open the file commctrl.h from my VC it opens the old version from C:\...\VC98\Include\ ...

This is determined by your environment options.
Go to tools->options and click on the directories tab, then choose "include files" in the "show directories for" combo.  The SDK install should have added its path to the list, but the order is important; if a file is in two directories, it will use the one it finds first, so move your SDK directory to the top of the list, then do a "rebuild all".  The VC *editor* may still pull up the wrong file, but the compiler should get the new version. If all else fails, you can put the full path in the #include, but remember that will break on anyone else's machine.


Thank you very much. It worked.

You're welcome!

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