Communication failure when e-mailing certain providers such as roadrunner

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I am getting a communications failure when an e-mail is sent from my Exchange account to any roadrunner subscriber. I am using Outlook 2000 SP-1 and MsExchage 5.5.

The body of the returned message looks like:

 '' on 11/21/2002 9:54 AM
            Unable to deliver the message due to a communications failure
     The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a= ;p=jdt;l=EXCH_SERVER-021121145335Z-14

Any suggestions
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Your exchange server is having problems routing to the mail server for To troubleshoot this, I would do an nslookup and find the IP address of their mail servers. From your mail server, I would attempt a ping to these servers. If you get errors, do a traceroute and find at what hop the problem ic occuring. Last attempt a telet session to port 25 of their mail servers.

This may be an abandoned question or perhaps forgotten?  
I will add this to a cleanup list to be reviewed by EE moderators.

status of this question please?

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I started this question. I have fixed the error. We were somehow banned by Roadrunner. We had a problem awhile back with some sending spam via our exchange server and this maybe how we got booted. The question is dead and can be removed.

Refund PAQd.

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