Accessing online Banking

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My configuration is kernal 2.4.18-6 on Mandrake8.2
Running Gnome/sawfish for a desktop.

My problem is accessing online banking thru Linux.
I have tried to login using the latest netscape7.0
The browser says it supports 128bit encryption.
But is the encryption software in there??

As soon as I login to the bank site, the page just reloads.
No error messages. I just wind up at the same page.

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Its probably a problem with the site itself.  Try another computer and let us know what happens.
Some servers only support particular versions of browsers. Try emailing the administrator of the banks website and inquiring about browser support.


Tduprey---- I have a windows machine which I still use to access online banking. And I have no problem there.

My problem is that I must be missing something for the login not to complete properly on linux.  

Since I am still new to linux...  learning one -three hrs at a time for the past 2 years.  I was hoping someone could speed this part up.
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I should also mention.. that all thats required to access online banking on this site , is to have a min. of 128bit encryption.

I guess my question is on the netscape full install for version 7.0..  is the 128bit encryption installed??  Or did I miss something here?


When I click on Help/about, this appears in the window.
Its unclear to me whether the 128bit encryption is installed or not.  This is the Canadian version of netscape.

This version supports high-grade (128-bit) security with RSA Public Key Cryptography, DSA, MD2, MD5, RC2-CBC, RC4, DES-CBC, DES-EDE3-CBC.
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Since this question has not been anwsered, I am going to put a spin on it.

I have since solved the problem of Netscape version 7.0 with 128bit encryption installed not working on the bank site.
If anyone can anwser these 2 questions all the points will be theirs.

What does it take to make **Mozilla**  secure enuf, previous to version 1.3.1, in order to access online banking.  Keep in mind that 128bit encryption was also installed.

What does it take to make **Netscape** secure enuf , previous to version 7.0 in order to access online banking when 128bit encryption was also installed.

PAQed, with points refunded (500)

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