Solaris 8 Bootable CD Copy/Backup Problem

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I'm trying to backup up the original Solaris 8 bootable install CD which has taken a beating. Before I loose or damage this CD I thought it would be adviseable to make a backup.  I used Easy CD Creator on an NT box to duplicate the CD and it produced a CD that looks like the original, has data like the original, but It loads the file from the solaris 8 installation cd COPY THAT I MADE and then it says, "the file loaded does not appear to be executable." Then it restarts the machine the machine normally. Somebody suggested that the SUN Instructions were not followed in duplicating a Jumpstart CD. I just spent the last two days looking through all the SUN docs I have and cannot find any reference or mention.

Any suggestions or instructions on saving my original to a copy would be appreciated. I don't think the original will last much longer.
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If you did "copy a CD" with Creator it should be identical.
There is no specical instructions how to copy a Solaris CD.

Are you talking about the "Solaris Installation" CD I can put an image on an ftp-sever for you.

What version of Solaris 8 ??

When you copy a UNIX based cdrom with a windows machine you may encounter problems because of the case sencitive issue with unix, the disk may look identical however there maybe some wrong files when the copy took place i was able to overcome this by installing XCDR-roast on my linux box, i made a few copies of Solaris and a few other sun CD's and it has been working OK.
Again this was the best solution that worked for me, since i use a linux box as my workstation.


To both ipfrancai and besky:

Here is the exact titles of the Solaris 2.8 kit I carry with me and a description.

SUN Solaris 8 (Sparc) Installation - (only 1 cd) _ This is the subject in question. This is a bootable CD that I use for base new installs, and for booting to when a user forgets a root password. I believe this the 1 of 1 WebStart CD. (Not Certain Though)

Sun Solaris 8 (Sparc) Software 1 of 2 - This is also a bootable cd but part of a 2 part set. Rarely do I use this, this is the more involved installation. This Bootable has no problem being copied. I just tested it and it works great. I do have a backup. But I still am interested in this first CD since it is the mainstay of my process. And I'm a tech, and you guys probably know this is driving me nuts.

Sun Solaris 8 (Sparc) Software 1 of 2 - The Other cd of the 2 disk set. also copied and I can mount it and see it just fine.

All the others copied fine too. I tried them just to humor myself and verify everything else works, ie burner Adaptec, my process of burning.

The case sensitive issue  seems to work fine, I've even tried creating an .iso file and burning it and creates an exact duplicate of the cd just as if I were to use the GUI based copy feature.

here is the output :

 Volume in drive D is multi_ICD_SOL_8_1000_SPARC_cs
 Volume Serial Number is CB62-8F1A

 Directory of D:\

08/31/2000  10:27p                  55 .VOLUME
08/31/2000  10:27p              16,384 ADDCLIENT
08/31/2000  10:27p               6,308 ADDCLIENT.PPC
08/31/2000  10:27p              16,384 ADDCLIENT.SPARC
08/31/2000  10:27p               6,332 ADDCLIENT.X86
08/31/2000  10:27p              55,909 ADD_INSTALL_CLIENT
08/31/2000  10:27p                   0 BOOT
08/31/2000  10:27p               5,914 COPYRIGHT
08/31/2000  10:27p               3,452 MODIFY_INSTALL_SERVER
               9 File(s)        110,738 bytes
               0 Dir(s)               0 bytes free


This is the original, and the 6 some coasters I have look exactly like this.

any ideas ?
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You cant see the bootable part of the CD like this.
That part is hidden in the first32 sectors and is
If you did copy the whole CD and not only files
I still think your CD is broken.

But why not use the Solars Software 1 of 2.
Its the same questions, half the time and you use it
to boot single user with "boot cdrom -s".


Have you looked at the Sun Blueprint article on building a bootable cd?

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