login script error using IP only client

Raver33 used Ask the Experts™
Novell Netware servers
5.1 SP4 and 6 SP3
Netware Client using IP only (latest versions for Win95, 98 and XP machines)

Problem is when mapping drives.  An snip from the login script follows:

map root g:=FS1/VOL4:APPS
map root u:=FS2/VOL1:APPS\aotfiles
map root t:=FS2/VOL1:APPS

The problem described below is intermittant, meaning that sometimes the server can be seen, and logs in properly.  Other times (estimate half the time), the following error(s) appear during login:

LOGIN-4.22.00-890: The specified server is unknown
LOGIN-4.22.00-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be completed.
The error code was 89ff

This type of message moves around from drive letter to drive letter, server to server each login attempt.  We can find no consistency.

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try changing the script to:

map root g:=FS1_VOL4:APPS

is SLP setup properly??  run slpinfo on the client.

is the client setup to access your DA?? and IP of the DA???
did you do a custom install of the client and select IP only??

Something that worked for me is to enter the servernames and their respective IP addresses to the NWHOST file on the client machines.
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When we switched to a 'pure' IP environment from IPX we had to specify the IP address of the server in the login script. IPX is great in that it is self-discovering, but IP needs alot of help finding where everything is. I ended up configuring our BMEE35 server as a DNS server so that we could still use 'friendly' names for all of our servers and workstations. You can do this from the Java-based DCHP/DNS console.
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