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Does Win98 have IP print service capability? If so, how the heck do you configure it? I've done a little snooping on the microsnot support site and couldn't find anything  . . . implying that IP print doesn't exist.

Thanks in advance.
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I think you need to get something that allows you to install a standard TCP/IP port (like HP JetDirect). Then you can redirect an installed printer to that port. So, in short, 98 doesn't have a native system for IP printing.

ACITS LPR Client - Remote Print Client for Windows 9X Systems.

Click on the link and save to a temporary directory.  After you have downloaded this file,
go to My Computer and navigate to the directory you used for downloading.  Locate and double
click on the file instlpr.exe to begin the installation.

Goto this site


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The only copy of this software that I could find expires in 7 days . . .

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