MS Directory Services - Reduce traffic over slow Link?

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How do I best reduce the MS Directory Services and its Volume when connecting a remote Site (same Domain) with our main Site.

We Use Exchange 2K in our main Site, the remote site connects through a 64K link to the Exchange. The remote Site does host an WIN2K Server.

Is there a good way in reducing the trafic between these 2 sites.

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Define two sites by using IP addresses blocks. Be sure to have at least one DC and DNS on remote site.

The comment above reduces the AD traffic, but I think the mail traffic is much larger than AD traffic. I suggest you have to use packet sniffer (e.g. Network Monitor) to capture and classify traffic by types of application. This should give you the better figure.

If the Exchange traffic is all email, there isn't much you can do about it.  If it is public folders, you can replicate them to the remote location and set the update service to only refresh them at night.


Am now ready to install Exchange into my other Site - any Idea:

Same Domain but linked with a 128K link. Site1 has its own IP and an Exchange 2K server, now I would like Site2 with its own IP to have an Exchange Server - basically want all mail for site2 to go to the site 2 mail server.

any help is appretiated

And thanks again

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